Mole Removal Specialists


Dermatologists located in Westlake, Los Angeles, CA

While most people have between 10 to 40 moles on their body, many people find them distasteful or irritating.Our Board-Certified Dermatologists work out of downtown Los Angeles, CA, and specialize in removing moles and skin tags to help patients feel better about their skin.

Mole Removal

What is a mole?

A nevus, more commonly known as a mole, is a skin growth that is typically brown or black.

Why have a mole removed?

A mole should be removed if it cancerous or irregular enough to be concerning that the mole will become a skin cancer. A mole should also be removed if it is irritated or painful. A patient may also want to have a mole removed for cosmetic reasons.

How is a mole removed at DTLA Derm?

Our board-certified dermatologists first evaluate the mole to determine whether it should be biopsied due to cancer risk. We may then remove the mole by shaving it off to the level of the skin or cutting it out. If the mole is cut out, the skin is closed using stitches to minimize scarring. At DTLA Derm, we make every effort to make the treatment as painless as possible. All moles are sent to a dermatopathologist to insure the mole is entirely benign and removed. Appointments usually take 30 minutes to an hour for the removal procedure.