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Chemical Peels

What is a Chemical Peel?

A Chemical Peel is a skin resurfacing procedure performed by a dermatologist. The Chemical Peel prompts the skin to peel away in a controlled way until the superficial skin layers are gone. With the fresh new skin underneath then revealed, the appearance of the skin can improve dramatically. There are a variety of peel types so that the peel can be customized for each patient.

What Issues Can Chemical Peel Help With?

Chemical Peel treatments can help with a wide range of skin issues. It is commonly used for patients who suffer from sun damage, fine lines, minor wrinkling, patchy skin texture, acne, minor scarring, and hyperpigmentation. Nearly any issue with skin texture or tone can be at least partially addressed with a Chemical Peel.

How Long is the Recovery From Chemical Peel?

The Chemical Peel Recovery time varies depending on the specific type of peel and the strength of the peel. Most patients can immediately resume their routine following the Chemical Peel. However, it is important that patients know what to expect during the days immediately after the peel. The peeling will usually continue for three to five days. The skin will feel tighter than usual and will often look as if it is sunburned for a few days. Visible peeling can normally be controlled with a high-quality moisturizer cream. The skin should be allowed to disperse naturally, and patients should resist the urge to peel it off in layers. Patients should avoid sun and tanning bed exposure for at least several days as UV exposure can aggravate the redness and peeling.