Cyst or Lipoma Removal


What is a cyst or lipoma?

A cyst is a sac-like or capsule structure that may be filled with liquid, solid, or gaseous material. A lipoma is a collection of fat cells that can become large tumors in the skin.

Why treat a cyst or lipoma?

Cysts and lipomas are typically harmless, but they will not resolve without a procedure. Any painful, itchy, or irritating cysts or lipomas should be removed. Those with cosmetically bothersome cysts or lipomas can also elect for removal.

How are cysts and lipomas removed at DTLA Derm?

We make an incision in the skin to remove the cyst or lipoma. Once removed, the skin is closed using stitches. All lesions are sent to a dermatopathologist to insure the lesion is benign. Appointments usually take 30 minutes to an hour for the removal procedure.

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